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    The Forum Norwich

    Astrophotographer to showcase stunning night sky images at The Forum

    The Forum Norwich - 30 Aug 2019

    He has travelled to the other side of the world to capture his dream shot of the Milky Way, and astrophotographer Shaun Reynolds will be returning to The Forum tomorrow to showcase some more of his beautiful shots of the sky.

    Shaun, who works as an electrician by day, had always enjoyed photography but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that he decided to focus on galaxies and stars.

    He said: “A customer of mine had an interest in astronomy and he knew I liked photography so he asked me if I would like to have a go at combining the two.

    “He got a telescope and I took the photos and within 30 seconds I was hooked. Since then my passion has just grown and grown.”

    Shaun’s main focus is the night sky, specialising in deep space astro photography and wide field Milky Way shots.

    He said: “For the first few years I did deep sky astro images of space close up from my home in Ditchingham. Then I got interested in doing the Milky Way and I started travelling further afield to find darker skies. I went to Happisburgh Lighthouse and got my first Milky Way image with a lighthouse right in the middle. Then I ended up going down to Devon, travelling 400 miles to get a photo there. It has taken me to all the corners of the country.”

    But that’s not the longest distance Shaun has trekked to pursue his passion. Two years ago he travelled to New Zealand with his wife for a holiday, and spent time capturing images of the sky from the other side of the world. The trip also allowed him to complete his long held dream of photographing the entire Milky Way from the ground.

    “I got half of the shots back home and then I married them up with the photos I got in New Zealand to make a visual representation of how the Milk Way wraps around our planet,” said Shaun.

    Shaun, who is also a member of the Norwich Astronomical Society, has been exhibiting and selling his work for the past few years, and will be returning to The Forum for the fourth time this year.

    His display will be available to see on Saturday, August 31, from 9am to 5pm.

    Shaun will also be holding further exhibitions at The Forum on September 28 and November 30, and will be at Norwich Science Festival with Starlife: The Ten Billion Year Journey on October 26.

    For more information about Shaun’s work, visit shaunreynoldsastro.com