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    NUA Taster Sessions

    Mon 26 & Wed 28 Feb | For Years 11 - 13 | FREE

    Visit Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) to find out more about their BA (Hons) Games Art and Design and BSc Games Development courses.

    BA (Hons) Games Art and Design - Concept Art

    Mon 26 Feb 10am-2pm (30 spaces) or Wed 28 Feb 10am-12pm (30 spaces)

    Tutor Kaliegh Branham | Room ML4

    Image: Joaquim Barbosa

    Want to know how your favourite game characters, vehicles and environments are designed?

    This 2hr practical session provides insight and gives hands-on experience to some of the processes associated with Concept Art and digital painting. Equipped with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, you will use techniques such as on-screen blending and photobashing to create a scene and visualise your ideas.

    To sign up contact student.recruitment@nua.ac.uk

    BA (Hons) Games Art and Design - Indie Development

    Mon 26 Feb 10am-12pm (18 spaces) or Wed 28 Feb 10am-2pm (18 spaces)

    Tutor George Beard | Room BH01

    Image: 'BAUM' A Fox Wot I Drew - Dom Littler & Kai Creedon

    Get hands on with a professional games engine (Unreal Engine 4) and make your very own a game prototype in this 2 hr introductory workshop.

    Learn what it takes to make a game and have fun placing objects, creating mechanics and producing art for a 2D platformer. This session will introduce games design processes and development through playtesting and iteration.

    The session uses Blueprint ‘visual-scripting’ and requires NO CODING to make your level; perfect for both artists and up-and-coming indie developers.

    To sign up contact student.recruitment@nua.ac.uk

    BSc Game Development 

    Mon 26 Feb 10am-12pm or Wed 28 Feb 10am-12pm

    Tutor Jamie Gledhill | Room SA1-06

    Image: William Sparkes

    Make a cool, retro-styled arcade game in 2 hours only using JavaScript and HTML!

    No previous coding experience necessary. This is your chance to code your very own defender and shoot down those pesky alien invaders before they take you and the rest of the planet out! You will learn the basics of coding 2D games with JavaScript. Earth needs your help, what are you waiting for?!

    To sign up contact student.recruitment@nua.ac.uk


    Norwich Gaming Festival Lead Education Partner