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    Forum Facts

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    Did you know that in The Forum there are...

    • 1,235 panes of glass in the building or 18,000 square metres - that's equivalent to 3.5 football pitches
    • Approximately half a million bricks
    • Approximately 1,500 lorry loads of concrete
    • Over 2000 light fittings

    And that...

    • The Forum's stunning Atrium spans 35 meters
    • The front glass facade is 15 metres or five storeys high
    • The building was designed to take advantage of the thermal mass of concrete, thereby reducing energy consumption
    • Acoustically absorbent materials are incorporated into The Forum's roof panels, wall linings and Millennium Library bookshelves, ensuring minimal noise intrusion for the purpose built perimeter study areas

    Also, The Forum is protected by...

    • 85 CCTV cameras
    • Over 800 sprinklers with 160,000 litres of water stored on site and ready for use supplied by two pumps, each capable of pumping 2,700 litres per minute
    • Over 600 fire detection devices
    • A team of facilities staff on site 24 hours per day

    Other interesting facts and figures you might like to know are...

    • Approximately 1.8 million people visit The Forum every year
    • In excess of 320,000 car park tickets are processed every year
    • It takes a specialist team of people, including abseilers, 3 days and 3 nights to clean all the glass in The Forum
    • The entire 3rd floor of The Forum houses a heating and cooling plant, air handling units and a whole host of other plant to keep the building running
    • The plant is continually monitored and managed by a computerised building management energy system to ensure the most efficient use of resources
    • There are cleaning staff on site throughout the day, 7 days per week
    • The Forum is open to the public from 7am to midnight, 7 days per week