Tales of the Unfinishable

Tales of the Unfinishable
Tales of the UnfinishableTales of the Unfinishable

Sun 13 Jan - Sun 20 Jan 2013

Tales of the Unfinishable showcases a single artwork – a giant textile pavilion – created from over 200 unfinished creative projects.

Quilts, knitting, doll-making, embroideries and more, all lovingly started but destined to remain forever incomplete.

Uncover the stories behind the stitches as each piece has its own tale to tell as to why its owner was unable to finish what they began.

The exhibition is the culmination of two years of research by artists Felicity Clarke and Hazel Connors who have been delving in to the phenomenon of the unfinishable.

There has been a strong contribution of textiles from East Anglian creators so many of the stories have a local connection.

The tales behind the pieces are interwoven into the artwork  and told over audio inside the pavilion. Explanations range from the everyday or humorous to the heart-rending, life, death and accidents.

Tales of the Unfinishable comes to The Forum as part of a nationwide Arts Council England assisted UK tour.

Sun 13 Jan - opening at 2pm
Mon 14 - Sat 19 Jan -  9am-5pm
Sun 20 Jan - closing at 3pm

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Download the press release here

Find out more about Hazel Connors and Felicity Clarke



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